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Tough Winter

As the title says, this has been a tough winter.  Not really in the snow department until lately, but in the cold department.  Again.  Last year’s temps were no better.  The only problem with snow, until a few days ago, was that it wouldn’t leave because we stayed below freezing for a long time.  That big storm hit the other day and now we have a lot of snow left because of the cold.

I am not going to get to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year — first one I’m going to miss in 4 years.  I had forgotten it was happening already, and then we had a sick son and then ice one morning and snow another.  It was not conducive to getting out of the house this week, not even to the supermarket.

Spring cannot get here fast enough.

Played a lot of the video game Destiny the past couple of months.  I like it a lot, though I am now at a point where I’m not getting any better.  The story line you play through makes very little sense.  Still, I like it.

Got a new laptop several weeks ago and finally got Daz Studio and all my content moved over.  I can get back to putting together some renders, and maybe some of them will actually be good.  I hope to get my camera out for some pictures, too.  And I keep meaning to get back to practicing guitar.  So I hope my artistic side can be exercised over the next few months.Hopefully I’ll be back before a whole month passes.

A Gray Day


Winter in southeastern Pennsylvania can be full of dreary, gray days, and today is no exception.  There is some freezing rain coming down and coating everything with a thin sheen of ice.  I took this picture trying to capture the skating rink that my front walkway turned into, but even though that part failed, I still like the way the photo looks.

I actually held the camera down low and used the screen to line it up.  Managed to get the depth of field pretty good, with the big, fuzzy foreground.  I may have gotten the composition right in this photo, too.  I think it captures the feeling of a dreary, gray day.