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This has become a complicated holiday for a large portion of USAn citizens. You spend your life learning that the Pilgrims and the native peoples celebrated the first harvest in the Pilgrims’ New World and then you find out that basically, the indigenous peoples mark this as the start of the genocide of their people. Which it is. So what’s a guy who’s 55 years old and has been having family meals on this day his whole life to do?

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December 2011

December 2, 2011

My sister-in-law, J., cooked Thanksgiving dinner this year. In the days before, she asked for her mother’s recipes for pumpkin and cranberry bread, and for cheese pie, worn sheets of paper stained from years of use. She spent several days with trial runs, never quite happy with how things turned out. When it was good enough, she took the loaves and carefully wrapped them the same way her mother had, and when she opened them at dinner, at my father-in-law’s, the pumpkin bread was dark and moist and just like her mother’s. Abigail declared the cheese pie (made from cottage cheese) better than Grammy’s.

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