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Book of Wonders – A Render

I’ve got a new render that popped into my head.  It’s probably something that’s been done may times before — I may have even had a sword & sorcery novel in the past with a similar cover.  Novice wizard opens a book and magic rises from the book into the air in front of an amazed wizard.

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A few years ago, I started using an application called Daz Studio.  I had commissioned a portrait of an RPG character and it was taking longer than I had wanted due to the artist’s illness, so I poked around looking for something for the Artistically-challenged to use.  I had heard of Poser when it first came out a long time ago and was looking for reviews and such when I came across someone suggesting Daz instead.  I looked into it, found out they had started by making content for Poser, then put out their own software.  It was free, and that was a good price for me, so I downloaded it and started looking into tutorials and such.

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