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Why We Dislike Insurance Companies

About 8 years ago, we were forced to switch insurance companies for home and auto from Royal & Sun Alliance because they were no longer providing services in our area.  Travelers stepped in.  Somehow through all this, we also ended up with two completely different insurance agents.

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Super Bowl

From the start of the 4 hour pre-game show through to the end, I found this to be one of the least interesting presentations of an NFL championship game I have ever experienced.

If I am so bored or annoyed at your pre-game show that I have to turn it off several times, you are doing something wrong.  Did I really see what amounted to a commercial for the Catholic Church?  What does that have to do with football?  Reading the Declaration of Independence?  The first half of it is a great document, the second contains every reason the colonies had for declaring said independence.  Neither half mentions football.  An interview with the president?  By a fact-resistant blow-hard?  Long, Strahan, and Johnson also seemed flat, their analyses uninspired.  I don’t know if what happened with Terry Bradshaw’s father was affecting them, but that would be understandable.

The game was a runaway.  I don’t know how many people forgot that defense wins championships, but there were a lot of supposed experts that picked the Broncos and their record setting offense.  They weren’t even able to put up a fight.

And usually at least there are some commercials to make up for some of it, but not this time.  I liked the Chevy Truck one with the bull, though the commercial wasn’t about Chevy Trucks per se.  The Cheerios sequel was nice.  I saw that some people liked the Doberhuahua, but that did nothing for me.  I can only remember bits and pieces of other commercials.

To sum up, disappointed in the whole experience.  Possibly I have gotten more curmudgeonly, but I wouldn’t have to be curmudgeonly if people did things my way.


Edited to Add: Alright, I was just reminded of the Budweiser Clydesdale Lab Puppy commercial, and yes, I am not so curmudgeonly that it failed to penetrate.  It may have been allergies, though.

My Last 2013 Complaints

About the end of 2013, anyway.

So, December is a bad month for me since my mom passed in 2011.  I admit it’s a weird feeling, because I still for the most part enjoy all the gatherings and the way the days get chilly — though, having some deep winter weather before fall was even over this year got old fast.  But there is just a little part of me that hates it all.  Hates it because my mom isn’t there.  But I know  she wouldn’t want me to hibernate and refuse to see people, so I go, and I host, and everyone really is wonderful.  I haven’t had any holiday spirit in the three holiday seasons since she died.  It’s a bit of a shame because I have some holiday music I like to listen to.

But then, the external hard drive I bought when I bought my MacBook Pro died and took all my Daz Studio content with it.  At some point I will be posting some renders here, just as a place to share them where people don’t have to be members to see them *cough*Renderosity*cough*.  Anyway, I go out and get a drive that holds 4 times as much, get half my content back on it, and then that one dies.  WtF?  Go and exchange that one and start over.  It just feels like I have spent a lot of time rebuilding my content library.

Our dryer died.  I can’t really complain since it lasted 17 years and was really undersized for the work we have been making do.  I had been wanting to get a new washer and dryer for a couple years, but they stubbornly kept working.  So we had a couple of days with wet and damp clothes lying around and I went out and got new ones.  They work really well, though I’m still wondering if I am making the most efficient use of the various cycles they have.

There were a couple of days spent cleaning for the goose dinner we host every year.  The dinner itself was one of the smaller ones we have ever had.  Made it easier to handle than the one that was twice as big.  We did really well, getting almost all of the prep work done the night before so we just had to put things on to heat and cook.

I had a birthday.

And New Year’s was spent with a couple of friends, some great food and drink, a fun game of Cards Against Humanity, and my yearly Happy New Year wish to the people who live across the street.

Alright, so it isn’t all complaints.