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A Quick Phillies Loss Post

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Phillies in the World Series Game 5

Most of the time, this is what being a Philadelphia sports fan is about. Getting close.

Front office builds a team that *can* win a championship. In a certain set of circumstances. And they don’t. Because another team is more completely built.

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An Attempt to Raise a Blog From the Dead

So, it’s been a couple years again.

Not gonna lie – pandemic got me like, “Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Shit.” for 3 years. I mean, I got all the vaccinations. I wear a mask in most enclosed public spaces (convenience store, supermarket, state store – what most people call a liquor store, post office, Staples). Haven’t been sick at all in 3 years, and if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.

A not very business oriented billionaire is about to destroy Twitter, so maybe I can do something here, if I can still pick out journalist posts going forward.

This blog is probably going to be partly politics, partly woodworking, partly sports, partly TV and movies. I mean, it’s a Pub after all. Music, Art, maybe even Philosophy. Classics – not gonna lie, I follow more than a few Classics/mythology professors.

Let’s see if I can get myself to start posting at least once a day.

I mean, it says “An Attempt”.

Sars-CoV-2 is Worse Than You Think

I am not really sure people understand how bad this thing is for human beings.

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CoViD-19 (pt 2 of 18 months)

This really is exhausting.

At this point, I’m fairly certain it isn’t in the house. Wiping counters, tables, sink handles, cabinet handles, doorknobs, trash can lids, mailbox, every damn thing we order for over three weeks and no symptoms here.

And still — Every time something comes into the house, I worry. Going to get groceries is not good for my bad blood pressure. My spring allergies have me constantly feeling like I am at the edge of having a cold. I am keeping a list of places anyone in my family goes and places we get deliveries from so future anthropologists can tell how the virus spread around the world. Yes, it will spread around the world from here if I don’t keep this list.

I lie awake at night running over the symptoms wondering if I have the least little bit of one so I can lock myself in our guest room and try not to give it to my wife and kids. My life has become filled with dial soap and clorox wipes. And wondering when I can get more TP and PT.


Well this is a hell of a thing.

So many people, so many reports of how this was an “over there” thing. But there was something about it that didn’t ring true to me. I don’t mean to brag, but it really didn’t sit right with me.

First case in USA, in Washington state. I started buying things that would last a few weeks. Including toilet paper, to be honest. I mean, my family isn’t going to poop more than usual, but it doesn’t go bad. Got several rolls of paper towels. Bought some meats to freeze.

Recently got into Rancho Gordo beans. They really are very good. Have plenty of those to soak and put into meals. Bought a few cans of vegetables because the fresh ones may not last long, and I’m not overly calm about going out.

Right before my part of the state got shut down, I got my booze. Got my haircut. Luckily. I just got an email that Hair Cuttery has shut down. I wish I had tipped Jen more.

Basically, the only places I’ve been in the past two weeks is Acme, our supermarket, Wawa, my veterinarian – Rau, our state store, Hair Cuttery, and I voted in the special election in Bensalem.

That congregation of people outside the doors was the stupidest thing I’d seen until the video of the people on the beach in Florida.

This shit spreads like wild fire. We have no immunity — that’s what NOVEL means. And we have people going to beaches.

Maybe we don’t deserve to survive.

Return of the Jedi Missed Opportunity

Kind of a weird title, right? I didn’t know what else to use for this one.

So I once read a critique/review of Return of the Jedi that attempted to answer some of the Ewok criticisms. Basically, it called into mythology and folktales in regards to the Little People, the Fae. The Big Bad thinks these peoples are beneath their regard. The Good Guys placate and befriend these peoples and they help with the big battle. Sometimes they give a weapon or a boost, sometimes, as in RotJ, they join the fight.

I did not see this originally, but once I read this particular summary (I wish I could remember where for a link), I got it. I’ve played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve read mythology and folklore. I got it. It made sense.

But Lucas and co. really should have made the Ewoks a little… better as helpers. Some of their traps were good, but really? Their archers should have been hitting the gaps in the Stormtrooper armor a *lot* more. Like every archer should have dropped a Trooper. Maybe they had primitive grenades/Molotov cocktails. Hell, maybe their leaders were Force Adepts. If you wanted to evoke Fae, Force Adepts were the way to go.

So yes, I originally thought the Ewoks were kind of silly. But after thinking about the Fae angle, I think they were a missed opportunity.

New Year, New Me?

My year started with an appointment at my doctor. Just my normal physical and check up, and I set it up a month in advance. At my age, I mostly dread them. The best thing a doctor is going to tell me is that I am falling apart at the correct pace.

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Holiday Spirit

I hate this time of year.

I don’t hate the things I do this time of year. I don’t hate seeing family and friends. I don’t hate hosting the big family gathering and dinner between Christmas and New Year’s, though I admit the cleaning the house ahead of time is tedious. I really like seeing family and friends and feeding them and drinking with them.

My mom died early in December. Not long after Thanksgiving. This was her time of year. I like feeding people, and I got it from her. And with everything I do, every gathering I attend, every meal I host, she is no longer there.

I have no holiday spirit. I love my friends and family. I love hosting and feeding them. But I could have just as much fun doing it in May.