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Super Bowl

From the start of the 4 hour pre-game show through to the end, I found this to be one of the least interesting presentations of an NFL championship game I have ever experienced.

If I am so bored or annoyed at your pre-game show that I have to turn it off several times, you are doing something wrong.  Did I really see what amounted to a commercial for the Catholic Church?  What does that have to do with football?  Reading the Declaration of Independence?  The first half of it is a great document, the second contains every reason the colonies had for declaring said independence.  Neither half mentions football.  An interview with the president?  By a fact-resistant blow-hard?  Long, Strahan, and Johnson also seemed flat, their analyses uninspired.  I don’t know if what happened with Terry Bradshaw’s father was affecting them, but that would be understandable.

The game was a runaway.  I don’t know how many people forgot that defense wins championships, but there were a lot of supposed experts that picked the Broncos and their record setting offense.  They weren’t even able to put up a fight.

And usually at least there are some commercials to make up for some of it, but not this time.  I liked the Chevy Truck one with the bull, though the commercial wasn’t about Chevy Trucks per se.  The Cheerios sequel was nice.  I saw that some people liked the Doberhuahua, but that did nothing for me.  I can only remember bits and pieces of other commercials.

To sum up, disappointed in the whole experience.  Possibly I have gotten more curmudgeonly, but I wouldn’t have to be curmudgeonly if people did things my way.


Edited to Add: Alright, I was just reminded of the Budweiser Clydesdale Lab Puppy commercial, and yes, I am not so curmudgeonly that it failed to penetrate.  It may have been allergies, though.