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Personal Monthly Challenge – February

This month’s theme was Hands.  The idea of the challenge is to make sure we get our cameras out at least once a week to get the photos, but that doesn’t always work out for me.  I had these shots planned out, but I didn’t get to them all until this past week.

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Personal Monthly Challenge – January

In order to keep myself using this rather expensive DSLR I bought, I have decided to do a weekly project with a monthly theme.  This means that I should get my camera out at least once a week and take photos that match a theme for the month.  I already gave a blog entry listing the themes I am attempting for 2014:

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A Gray Day


Winter in southeastern Pennsylvania can be full of dreary, gray days, and today is no exception.  There is some freezing rain coming down and coating everything with a thin sheen of ice.  I took this picture trying to capture the skating rink that my front walkway turned into, but even though that part failed, I still like the way the photo looks.

I actually held the camera down low and used the screen to line it up.  Managed to get the depth of field pretty good, with the big, fuzzy foreground.  I may have gotten the composition right in this photo, too.  I think it captures the feeling of a dreary, gray day.

My 2014 Weekly Photo Project

So last year, I did a weekly photo project where I attempted to make sure I got my camera out at least once a week and get a nice picture, but within a theme for a month.  Those photos (I missed a few weeks for various reasons) are here.  The idea for this project came from reading the forums on Digital Photography School in this forum post.  Some of them I like, but I’m not sure I actually got better as the year went on.  For the first year, I may have mostly used themes that were… I don’t if easier is the right word, but it’s closest.  But we decided to keep the project going.

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