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Holiday Spirit

I hate this time of year.

I don’t hate the things I do this time of year. I don’t hate seeing family and friends. I don’t hate hosting the big family gathering and dinner between Christmas and New Year’s, though I admit the cleaning the house ahead of time is tedious. I really like seeing family and friends and feeding them and drinking with them.

My mom died early in December. Not long after Thanksgiving. This was her time of year. I like feeding people, and I got it from her. And with everything I do, every gathering I attend, every meal I host, she is no longer there.

I have no holiday spirit. I love my friends and family. I love hosting and feeding them. But I could have just as much fun doing it in May.

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we get to 2016.  I know it’s really something like 4 billion, two thousand and 16, but I should stick to the current locally standard for time keeping.

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Tough Winter

As the title says, this has been a tough winter.  Not really in the snow department until lately, but in the cold department.  Again.  Last year’s temps were no better.  The only problem with snow, until a few days ago, was that it wouldn’t leave because we stayed below freezing for a long time.  That big storm hit the other day and now we have a lot of snow left because of the cold.

I am not going to get to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year — first one I’m going to miss in 4 years.  I had forgotten it was happening already, and then we had a sick son and then ice one morning and snow another.  It was not conducive to getting out of the house this week, not even to the supermarket.

Spring cannot get here fast enough.

Played a lot of the video game Destiny the past couple of months.  I like it a lot, though I am now at a point where I’m not getting any better.  The story line you play through makes very little sense.  Still, I like it.

Got a new laptop several weeks ago and finally got Daz Studio and all my content moved over.  I can get back to putting together some renders, and maybe some of them will actually be good.  I hope to get my camera out for some pictures, too.  And I keep meaning to get back to practicing guitar.  So I hope my artistic side can be exercised over the next few months.Hopefully I’ll be back before a whole month passes.

I Am So Sorry

This has been a weird beginning to 2015.  I haven’t been able to come up with any kind of post that is longer than a few sentences, and this one is no better.  At least I finally got my camera out again — first time since I made the mistake of poking my finger onto the shutter.

Pro-Tip — don’t touch the shutter in your camera with your finger.

I hope to get to posting things soon.

Kids Get It

via PZ Myers at Pharyngula:


What a Month

Alright, so May was a terrible month for getting anything done.  I didn’t do any renders.  I didn’t get on with my photography project.  I didn’t post here.  I camped.  I dealt with family.  And that was about it.

Now, though, I am watching the World Cup, and it’s been fantastic so far.  And I don’t just say that because the US had a great game.  Most of the games have had great play.  After the first round of Group Play, it looks like Germany – Netherlands, but it’s still early.

I hope to get the second part of my camping history up soon.

Camping Pt. 1

My family has pictures of my mother, pregnant with me, camping with her mother and step-father (I’ll refer to them as my grandparents from here on out — I only knew him as my grandfather).  They had a mobile home, nowadays seemingly more properly called a “park model”, parked at a place called “Wilson’s Lake” in New Jersey.  There was no electricity, no water of sewage, and any gas/propane had to be gotten from outside.  There was no lodge, and no one taking care of the “sites”.

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