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Slow-Cooker Bourbon Pulled Pork

Yet another recipe shared by Buffalo Trace.  Placed here so my wife and I can make it.  Soon.

Another Whiskey Recipe

Buffalo Trace has posted yet another recipe containing whiskey — this time for burgers.  A great spring or summer choice to help get me through the long stretch of cold weather we’ve been having in this area.  I’m going to need a new grill at home.  My current one is falling apart.

This post has the recipe and one for a zesty potato salad to go with the burgers.

More Fun With Bourbon

Alerted on Facebook by Buffalo Trace again, I must say that this seems strange:

And it annoys me some, because I can’t even get Pappy Van Winkle here in PA (at least not without jumping through some serious hoops that are on fire), and these people are cooking with it.  Kind of makes me want to cry.

Bourbon and Bacon

So this was thoughtfully left in my Facebook news feed by Buffalo Trace bourbon. I wanted to share it, and I also wanted to be able to find it again when I am ready to try making it.

Also, I had tried to use that “Reblog” feature, but upon trying to find a way to put my comments above the reblogged post, I found out this feature can be viewed as stealing someone else’s content. Figured I’d just be safe and post a link to it instead, so I deleted the other post and made this one.