Video Games

I’ve played a few.

My first video game was Pong, in a bar, when I was like 7 years old. Had to stand on a stool. My dad liked bars. Not in the bad way you are thinking right now. He was… is great. But he likes his beer. So there was Pong. I don’t remember if I was any good at it then. Probably not.

A couple years later, the campground I eventually spent most of my life at got both Asteroids and Space Invaders. That was an interesting summer. Adding in was that I was pretty good at pinball machines. Started with 3 games for a quarter, 5 balls a game. Now it’s like 3 balls for $2 and done if you flip the paddle wrong once. And 4 Billion for an extra game. Arcades screwed themselves, and that’s me as someone who has played for three hours on one quarter.

“The Black Knight Will Play You.” – look it up. My favorite pinball machine. Sorry, digression.

Family got the Atari 2600. Why they started with 2600, you probably have to watch a documentary. Adventure, Indiana Jones were things. Got the Nintendo Entertainment System even while playing Defender and Tempest in arcades. I still have the NES Final Fantasy cartridge. Yes, the original. Worth like $300 since it’s nowhere near mint now. Played through twice.

Arcades fell away. After Gauntlet — what I call the first quarter waster. Add money to continue. And we did. Wizard Shot The Food! Elf Needs Food Badly. That company nailed getting money out of players. Pinball machines were all “We can’t compete, add another zero to our scores and make crappier games.” They literally had Gorgar and he just disappeared.

By the time I got the PS1, I was getting over life limits and time limits. Gran Tourismo with it’s real life physics was amazing. I played several PS1 games, but it might say something that GT is the one I remember. Got the PS2. Got the new GT. Also, Twisted Metal Black. Demolition derby with weapons.

And there was a break.

I was going to do a retrospective of my home console playing, but you don’t need to read about all my Elder Scrolls stuff. Or Tetris. That’s right, I played a *lot* of Tetris.

Mostly, what I’m setting up is that I have played a *lot*, *lot*, *lot* of games that have life limits (usually 3) or time limits. And I am flipping sick of them. My favorite continuous game is a FPS that I am not good at, Destiny 2, and it has a couple pieces where there are life limits and/or time limits and I hate those parts. I’ve played those parts since like 1974. I don’t need them anymore.

There’s a skip here. And a second skip. To this year. This year is where I finally got to play D&D on my console.

Aloy in Forbidden West. And Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok.

D&D campaigns. Oh, did I forget to tell you that I have played D&D since I was 12? Yes. D&D is literally the only reason we have these games. And the only reason I am playing them.

And the whole reason for this post is that Santa Monica Studio put together a hell of a story and hey maybe Kratos was the main character, but Freya… Freya is literally the best part of the story they told.

Danielle Bisutti is gorgeous, a great singer, and a great voice actor. For me, that whole scene when Kratos saved her from Beartreyu is where she earned all her awards. It was a wonderful blend of writing, mocap, and Bisutti’s gd acting.

Seriously, I mostly made this blog post to say how much I like Danielle Bisutti. It’s true that writing was important. But damn. If you played it, then she really was the best performance.

Hey, maybe some people think other games have better stories or performances, that’s what award shows are about, but here, in Boteveg’s Pub, Danielle Bisutti is Queen and drinks for free.

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