Sars-CoV-2 is Worse Than You Think

I am not really sure people understand how bad this thing is for human beings.

So, we can get this thing and not know it for anywhere from 2 to 14 days, with an apparent 4.5 day average before symptoms show. AND you can be spreading it before you are showing symptoms. For an average of 4 days. How many people are you near in 4 days? How many surfaces do you touch? Did you go to your supermarket/grocery store? Your local convenience store? Gas station? How many people did you walk near while getting some air and sunshine? Studies show that’s close to 3. (The R-nought)

And those 3 will also average 3, so now 9 people have picked up the virus at level 2. 27 at level 3. 81 at the fourth remove. 243 at the fifth. Keep multiplying by 3 for each remove from the first person. And don’t get me started on spreading once symptoms appear, because that keeps happening, too.

And we have no immunity to this virus. That’s what NOVEL means here. New. It’s never been in humans before. So it gets to do whatever the hell it wants once inside our bodies. And it seems to want to make our lungs not work so well. Which is, of course, bad, because we need our lungs. And it’s not a very well developed virus, because it burns through its hosts. Viruses want to multiply, but killing the host is not the best way to do that. Virologists consider the common cold viruses to be some of the best “developed” (probably not the best word, but the best I can come up with) viruses because they get to multiply without killing the host.

Combine spreading widely before symptoms appear and no immunity and this is possibly the worst case scenario for a viral pandemic. This thing can be in 15000 people before the first people know they are sick.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we have no way to treat patients? Much like the common cold, the only thing doctors can do is treat symptoms, and the worst of these symptoms are difficult to treat. It’s a delaying action at best. Doctors right now are trying to keep people alive until the body can do something about the virus.

Think about that.

Doctors are helpless here. They have no standard treatments. If you get CoViD-19, it’s all up to your body if you get better. If you have another health problem, things don’t look good for you. Or me. I’m 53 with hypertension and a large fondness for alcohol. At best, if I catch this I’m going to the ICU. And there isn’t shit my doctor could do about it.

And here’s the best part. This shitty administration has tried to lower expectations by saying models predicted 240,000 deaths and trying to claim that if we only had 100,000 deaths they did their job.

Yeah, no. It’s clear they want to open businesses again, but considering how fast Sars-CoV-2 spreads before symptoms and that we have no immunity to it, we are going to be having deaths for almost 2 years.

I can tell you that without a vaccine or *VERY* effective treatment, I won’t be going to any place that is crowded. And if people keep dying without treatment or testing, the economy isn’t going to recover.

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