CoViD-19 (pt 2 of 18 months)

This really is exhausting.

At this point, I’m fairly certain it isn’t in the house. Wiping counters, tables, sink handles, cabinet handles, doorknobs, trash can lids, mailbox, every damn thing we order for over three weeks and no symptoms here.

And still — Every time something comes into the house, I worry. Going to get groceries is not good for my bad blood pressure. My spring allergies have me constantly feeling like I am at the edge of having a cold. I am keeping a list of places anyone in my family goes and places we get deliveries from so future anthropologists can tell how the virus spread around the world. Yes, it will spread around the world from here if I don’t keep this list.

I lie awake at night running over the symptoms wondering if I have the least little bit of one so I can lock myself in our guest room and try not to give it to my wife and kids. My life has become filled with dial soap and clorox wipes. And wondering when I can get more TP and PT.

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