Well this is a hell of a thing.

So many people, so many reports of how this was an “over there” thing. But there was something about it that didn’t ring true to me. I don’t mean to brag, but it really didn’t sit right with me.

First case in USA, in Washington state. I started buying things that would last a few weeks. Including toilet paper, to be honest. I mean, my family isn’t going to poop more than usual, but it doesn’t go bad. Got several rolls of paper towels. Bought some meats to freeze.

Recently got into Rancho Gordo beans. They really are very good. Have plenty of those to soak and put into meals. Bought a few cans of vegetables because the fresh ones may not last long, and I’m not overly calm about going out.

Right before my part of the state got shut down, I got my booze. Got my haircut. Luckily. I just got an email that Hair Cuttery has shut down. I wish I had tipped Jen more.

Basically, the only places I’ve been in the past two weeks is Acme, our supermarket, Wawa, my veterinarian – Rau, our state store, Hair Cuttery, and I voted in the special election in Bensalem.

That congregation of people outside the doors was the stupidest thing I’d seen until the video of the people on the beach in Florida.

This shit spreads like wild fire. We have no immunity — that’s what NOVEL means. And we have people going to beaches.

Maybe we don’t deserve to survive.

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