New Year, New Me?

My year started with an appointment at my doctor. Just my normal physical and check up, and I set it up a month in advance. At my age, I mostly dread them. The best thing a doctor is going to tell me is that I am falling apart at the correct pace.

I’ve had high blood pressure for several years now, and it was up again. Doctor suggested I lose some weight, which is fair, since I have put most of the weight I lost a few years ago back on, and losing just 10% of your weight can lower blood pressure.

So this year, I’ll be getting my eating habits healthier and getting more exercise, which for me means walking since my knees don’t like it when I run anymore. My dog isn’t complaining, except on days like today, when it’s barely out of the 20s (in degrees F).

Lost 5 pounds in two weeks so far. Got a new FitBit, and I bought their Aria scale since our old one hadn’t been really used in a couple years. I’m using Weight Watchers Points system because it’s what I used before and it worked. I just never switched to “Maintain” when I got to a weight I could live with. (With which I could live, sorry.)

So once in awhile, I’ll probably post about how my eating habits are going. I hope it will keep me from having three years in between posts going forward.

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