It’s taken me a week to get to the point where I can write this.


On election day 2016, a man who was given enthusiastic support by literal Nazis was elected President of the United States. The KKK, Russia, and ISIS all endorsed him. His campaign manager is a man who ran a website catering to racists.

I’m not saying everyone who voted for him is a Nazi.

I *am* saying they saw they were on the same side as white supremacists who refer to Trump as “God Emperor” and decided they were cool with that. And from a comment I made on a friend’s FB post: Most of the racists already believed that most white people think the same way they do, but they’re just too afraid to admit it because of PC thought police. Trump said things they’ve been saying and shared their memes and he became their God Emperor and over 60 million people voted for him. Now they “know” that white people everywhere share their views, and they can now espouse them anywhere anytime because the new president does.

Trump dragged their views into the light, 60 million or so mostly perfectly nice people said, “Meh” and the racists heard, “You’re right, go to it.”

I had thought I understood that things were bad in this country for people who aren’t straight, white, and male like me, but I had believed things were getting better.  Now, I’m devastated and I’ll be among the least affected. I can’t imagine what PoC and LGBTQ people are going through.


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