Not Sure I Can Even (part 1 of Who Knows?)

How is this guy a Sheriff?  I mean, he doesn’t even seem to know what his job actually is.


“They need to let us decide if we’re going to send the kit and when we send the kits in. Because the majority of our rapes, not to say that we don’t have rapes, we do,  but the majority of our rapes that are called in, are actually consensual sex. “


Umm, Sheriff? You collect the evidence, you *process* the evidence, then you present the evidence to the District Attorney, or whatever they are called in Idaho.


This statement right here is why more victims don’t report their assaults.  Who calls in consensual sex?  No, your shitty attitude and your shitty questions put off the victims.  And to avoid dealing with your shitty attitude and any more of your shitty questions, most of them probably decide they don’t want to deal with it any more.  And then you decide, “It must have been consensual.”


Fuck that noise.  Do your fucking job.

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