Not Even Wrong, Red Pill Edition

We Hunted The Mammoth is web site I read.  It’s devoted to mocking things anti-feminists and other so-called “Men’s Rights Activists” and “Pick Up Artists” put online for anyone to see.  Some of it is ridiculous, most of it is horrendous, all of it is wrong in one way or another.

This post is about one of the less self-aware topics lately on Reddit.  From what I’ve read, most of these guys are quite religious, and even if not, they seem to look wistfully back on when things were more traditionally “Christian”.  Woman chaste until marriage.  Owned by her husband.



















This is the screenshot from WHTM, who got it from Reddit, and includes Dave Futrelle’s highlights.

I am mostly thinking about the first highlight for this post, though the rest of the first paragraph deserves mention.

Women used to maintain a pussy cartel.

OK, you know what?  Maybe you should fucking read some history before you come up with a premise that you are basing your argument on.

Women didn’t have a cartel.  *MEN* told women that they would get stoned to death if they didn’t remain chaste.  You’re whole fucking argument is that women stopped obeying men’s orders.  Almost like women might actually be human beings deserving of dignity and human rights and shit, and you can’t stand that because you are a tiny person who can’t deal with the fact that a mere woman can say no to you.

Seriously, you sick fuck?  Half the human race is nothing but a hole to stick your dick in?  And how dare they think they have a choice in the matter, huh?

I can’t even with the rest of it because the beginning is just so wrong.

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