State of the Union 01

So, I encountered this in my relatively new Twitter feed:

And he followed it up with this:


Which inspired me a bit:


To be honest, @studentactivism is an actual friend of mine.


I’m kind of proud of my response (though it isn’t fully on point with the original tweet). Jazz may be the music of the United States, but Elvis is more recognizable.  Eva Longoria is charming, graceful, and really you should find a way to watch her on Hollywood Game Night from 1/12/16 because she was great.  Some might hold her Mexican heritage against her, but that just plays into my point.  Kermit the Frog represents all of us who didn’t quite fit in (Not Easy Being Green).

Lemmy?  Jack and Coke?  Ace of Spades. Heavy Metal.  Ta Nehisi Coates brings to light so much that we would prefer not to think about.  “Dude, Where’s My Car?” shows how crappy things can still be entertaining.  Welcome to the United States.


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