Advocating by Yelling on the Internet

So, Men’s Rights Advocates are mostly horrible people with a highly mistaken view of reality.  I admit, however, that there are a couple-few places where work could be done in the area of helping men.  The courts when dealing with fathers, while getting better, could probably be even more egalitarian.  Men could use their own shelters when they are the victims of DV.  The rate of incarceration of men, especially men of color, may be far higher than they should be in relation to women.  (Yes, I used some weasel words — I’m trying to be charitable to a generally terrible group of people.)  Perhaps there should be an organization that works towards fixing these inequities.

Apparently, not so much.

So, men who are feeling lost, unsure, threatened and violated, complaining on the internet should help you out just fine.  It’s not like a Google search for “Men’s Shelter” might give you someplace to go if you are in trouble, and maybe a place to donate time or money to help out Men.  I didn’t link because Google is good at knowing where you are and my search is not your search.

I’m sure that Google really has no response for any other men’s issues, too.

I really have no other response than what David at We Hunted the Mammoth has already said — A Voice For Men has set itself up as the premier site for Men’s Issues and they have no plans to do anything for men.

What… How… Who buys into this shit?

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