Since When is Access to Water Not a Right?

In Detroit, a judge has said that the poor have no right to water.

Rhodes’s order served as a stinging rejection of arguments made by thousands of protesters who staged rallies last summer fighting shutoffs and argued that there is a fundamental right to water service.

“There is no such right or law,” Rhodes said.

So let me get this straight…

We all have the right to life.  But, once born, we don’t have a right to be alive.  I am not sure this could be a more right-wing position.  I have no idea what this judge’s actual political leanings are, but conservatives really do seem to be inordinately invested in what happens to a few cells until they are actually brought into the world.  Because then it is all about denying them any aid at all, and if they happen to be darker than they like, well, the lazy moochers shouldn’t get anything.

Fucking water.  Human beings die without access to water.  In 3 or 4 days.  And it isn’t really a pleasant death.  So people have a right to be alive, but this judge has decided that the most important thing in the universe for life is not a right.

The molecule that gave rise to life here on Earth, the one scientists look for when looking for places there might be life in our solar system, or elsewhere with our telescopes, is somehow not a human right.

How is that possible?  How is that we as a people have so demonized the poor that even access to water is not a right?

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