A Busy Month

So, as I said in my last post, April is the start of camping for my family.  It sometimes takes a bit to get set up, since in the fall we take everything home so it doesn’t freeze/draw rodents/go rotten.  I haven’t done much except take trips to our campground to take all our camp chairs up, and I water-sealed a couple of wood tables we have, and I had to take up the foodstuffs we leave there, like mustard/ketchup/mayonnaise and various spices.

And we can’t forget coffee!

Add to that our vegetable garden needing to be readied and planted, now that the danger of overnight frost killing the plants is past, and it’s been a busy month.  Also, I built a new grill/smoker since our old one was starting to disintegrate away in places, especially the charcoal tray.  I have managed to smoke one piece of brisket so far and it was delicious if not as tender as I had hoped to get it.  But it was my first time and I didn’t know how the heat and wood chunks would work.  My next piece should be better.

I was finally able to get my April photos done, so I should be posting them here in a day or so.  I hope to be able to give some more time to this blog now that the camper is set up and the garden is in.  See you next time.

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