Who Should Make Your Medical Decisions?

Ugh.  March has been a bad month.  I don’t know why, for sure, except there seemed to be fits and starts about the weather between warming for spring and still cold and snowy for winter, which seems to fit the old tale about March coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb.  I haven’t gotten my photos done for my monthly theme, I haven’t gotten any renders done, and I haven’t really done much to blog about.

So, I thought I’d post about something hitting the States now — that there are corporations that think they should be able to decide what medical care their employees receive.  Because when I think of who should be able to make medical decisions for me, the company I work for is right up there in the two people… wait, no it isn’t.So I was lead to a link with a great analysis of corporations as persons and why that should show that Hobby Lobby is wrong.There is so much wrong with what they are trying to do, but what is worst, unless previous to the AHA mandate they used an insurance company that refused to cover birth control, then they were already paying into people using birth control.  I mean, you know how insurance works, right?A large group of people pay into a large pool of funds that are used to pay out when members need it.  Let’s assume Hobby Lobby used Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  They paid into BC/BS’s pool.  Did they think that BC/BS was *not* covering other BC/BS members birth control?  If that was their understanding of how insurance works, perhaps they shouldn’t be running a corporation.And that’s what I have to say on it.  Because there is so much wrong with what this corporation is trying to do and I just can’t spend the time doing more than what’s here.  There are others who have done a lot more explaining the wrongness, and I’m sure a quick google search will do you well if you are really interested.  And if you’re not really interested, maybe you should ask yourself why.

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