My 2014 Weekly Photo Project

So last year, I did a weekly photo project where I attempted to make sure I got my camera out at least once a week and get a nice picture, but within a theme for a month.  Those photos (I missed a few weeks for various reasons) are here.  The idea for this project came from reading the forums on Digital Photography School in this forum post.  Some of them I like, but I’m not sure I actually got better as the year went on.  For the first year, I may have mostly used themes that were… I don’t if easier is the right word, but it’s closest.  But we decided to keep the project going.

So, here are my themes for the coming year:
Jan: Cold
Feb: Hands
March: Contrast
April: Philadelphia/In the City
May: Shadows
June: Negative Space
July: Textures
Aug: Morgan*
Sept: Movement
Oct: Under/Down
Nov: Over/Up
Dec: Colors/Individual Color


Black & White
Slow Shutter Speed

[*] – Morgan was a stuffed dog I had as a kid, took him everywhere.  Well, we found a new one made to look like the original and my wife surprised me by buying it for me.  So my thought is to take Morgan different places and try to get a good photo with him in it.

And I reserve the right to change any theme if I run into problems with it or a new inspiration strikes me.

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