Monthly Archives: December 2013

What Was I Thinking?

I started a blog.  I admit to not really being sure why, but there has just been something inside me for the past several months that has wanted to do more than post Facebook status updates.  Part of it is that I see Facebook as a way to bring letter writing some immediacy among my friends and family, and mostly as a way to play Scrabble with my wife.  I like seeing/reading what my far-flung friends and family are up to.  I don’t really like knowing that for Facebook, I am the product they are selling.

So one of the reasons I started this was eventually to have a place to post some of my photographs with more description for each than Flickr seems to allow.  At least without creating many many many many individual sets, but even then, the “blog post description” is not really very visible.  I’ll still probably be uploading my pics to Flickr and just linking here, but that should be fine until I find out about something better.

I have no idea what will inspire a post here at any time.  I hope something will at least every other day, but I can’t guarantee it.  Even if I find a way to post something, it may not be substantive.  That will be the chance you take by reading/following, or , now that I think of it, coming into the pub.

All of this is a way to say Welcome to my Pub.  Some days we will be busier than others.  Enjoy your stay.